Updated 21 July 2019

Three chapters are NOW available in PDF format, plus foreword, Introductions and acknowledgements

The original Total Archery, when first published in 2005 was an evolution in shooting technique. It is based on biomechanics and laws of physics,; It has been acclaimed to be a unique technique and a departure from the traditional Korean style.

Coach Robert de Bondt has been a major force in converting Kisik Lee's teachings and ideas into words and writing and publishing Total Archery, including the design and development of this website, which hosts some 22 languages and is accessed by well over 150 countries worlwide.

Total Archery has been translated into Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and German. It didn't take long before Alternative Sporting Services U.K., one of the largest world mail ordering specialists, stated in one of their newsletters it as their biggest selling archery book ever.

The key to successful performance is to have a full understanding of every aspect and being able to apply all the fundamentals.

Total Archery consists of 11 Chapters, with detailed information, covering every aspect of the sport of archery, be it for Beginner, Elite or Olympic Level.

We have received many enquiries for more copies of this book, but unfortunately, at this stage, Total Archery is out of print and due to high publishing and printing costs we cannot see that this will change in the foreseeable future. However, we are exploring E-book and self publishing opportunities, so watch this space.

However, as part of our objective to share High Performance Coaching worldwide, we have, at various times, made several chapters of the original Total Archery available in PDF format, to those coaches and archers, who have expressed their wish to be able to enhance their skills and knowledge, be it at Beginner, Elite or Olympic Level.


Chapter 1 - THE COACH (p19 - 26)

Chapter 2 - THE FOUNDATION OF THE SHOT (p27 - 42)

Chapter 3 - THE SHOT (p43 - 66)

Chapter 4 - BIOMECHANICS (p67 - 82)

Chapter 5 - Technical Performance Analysis (p83 - 102)

Chapter 6 - Technical Points, Suggestions and Shooting Practice (p103 -132)

Chaper 7 - Physical Training (p133 -148)

Chapter 8 - Mental Training (p149 - 168)

Chapter 9 - The Olympic Round (p169 -180)

Chapter 10 - Equipment and Tuning (p181 - 192)

Chapter 11 - Goal Setting and Planning (p193 - 203)

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